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Vol. 8, Issue 35 - September 1, 2008

Strategies for staying upbeat in a weak job marketAbridged:

SPRINGFIELD, MA -- More and more Americans are being affected by a malady that Randall Hansen calls the "Job Market Blues". Hansen, a nationally recognized career and job-search expert and founder of, says that "job-seekers can employ five strategies for staying upbeat and fighting the blues in a weak job market." Here are his suggestions:

1) Keep a positive focus. While it can be extremely difficult to do, job-seekers must show confidence and a positive attitude when job-hunting. 2) Surround yourself with support. Job-seekers should seek the support of family and friends - some of whom may even be able to offer job leads. 3) Don't be discouraged by what you hear or read. With all the bad economic news that abounds, it's easy to get caught up in the negativity. Job-seekers should focus on positive aspects, such as programs that offer free-job advice and retraining.

4) Have a long-term focus, but short-term goals. Job-seekers who have the most success in finding a new job are those who set daily job-search goals, such as tracking down job leads, applying for jobs, making new network contacts or going on job interviews. 5) Remember that everything counts. The job-seeker who gets hired is not always the most qualified but the one who made the best job-hunting effort. Job-seekers should perfect all aspects of job-hunting, including finding job leads, developing strong resumes and cover letters, and polishing interviewing skills.

How to land a job in a competitive job marketSponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- While the job market seems to be getting a little more competitive, there are still millions of jobs being offered by hiring managers who search all of the top career sites. Sure it may take some time, but posting your resume on ALL the top sites will give you better exposure than your competition.

If you want the benefit of maximum exposure, but don't want to spend 60 hours researching and filling out website forms consider letting a service like Resume Rabbit do the work for you. Resume Rabbit will create accounts on all the best career sites and will give you access to millions of jobs and exposure to 1.5 million employers and recruiters daily. A comprehensive list of all the sites they post to is on their home page.

All you have to do is enter your resume and job requirements just once - and in the time it takes to post your resume to just one job site, Resume Rabbit will instantly post your information to 80 top career sites. So, if you want to get a job faster even in a competitive job market, 'multiply' your chances with Resume Rabbit.

The most common online job scams right now Abridged:

NEW YORK, NY -- With the current tough economy, and rising unemployment, many Americans need to find a new job. One of the hottest places to find jobs these days is online. Sometimes though, people answer a job ad only to find out later that the actual job was misrepresented. The better business bureau has tips to protect yourself before getting caught in a con.

Esther answered a newspaper ad for a customer service job where she would be "testing customer service." But the red flag: the company wanted her to test out money wiring services after depositing a check for several thousands dollars in her own account. The check was fraudulent: she would have wired away her own money. Aleta answered a ad for a shipping job. Red flag: she would receive and re-ship suspicious foreign goods. Scott answered a job ad for international sales. His red flag: he'd have to use his own bank account. They were looking for people to use their bank accounts to build up us clients.

All the people above narrowly avoided getting caught in an employment scam. The better business bureau says avoid job ads with grammar or spelling errors. Beware too-good-to-be-true salary offers. Avoid jobs asking for money up front. The BBB says two of the most common online job scams right now involve these phrases: "marketing" and "mystery shopping." If you stumble upon either one of those terms, demand details about the job. If the marketing sounds like door to door sales, or the mystery shopping involves cashing checks, it's probably a case of don't waste your time.

Tips on the toughest interview question. Sponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- "So, tell me about yourself." What is it about this question that causes so much trouble and strikes fear into the hearts of otherwise competent interviewees? Simple: it's a big open-ended question, the first question, and not many candidates think to prepare for it... so they wing it. Please, everyone, read my lips: you can not afford to wing this question! The interview is on and they are listening! Here are some great DOs and DON'Ts to answer the question:

  • DON'T wing it ... prepare for it and practice it
  • DON'T just list a boring chronology of your work history
  • DON'T use your elevator speech (30-second commercial), it should sound spontaneous, not rehearsed
  • DO summarize your work history or expertise
  • DO mention any relevant credentials or education
  • DO highlight some special qualifications or value you bring
  • DO keep it to about 20-30 seconds max (you can always ask if that answers the question at the end)
Think about it this way...if you had only 20-30 seconds to impress someone of your suitability, what might you say about yourself? Jot down some ideas, practice articulating it so that it sounds natural, and you'll be all set to start the interview well and make a great first impression.

Advanced strategies to ace any interview!Sponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- There are generally two types of interviewees - those that ace every interview and get almost every job they apply for, and those that get interviews but struggle to get call backs and job offers. Which one are you? If you find yourself in the second group - those that struggle to succeed in interviews - you need to learn what those in the first group already know.

The truth is, there are specific strategies, tips, and tricks to make a great impression and ace any interview. Most of us know the basics to interviewing, but what are the advanced strategies, the advanced tips and tricks that make the difference between being the one they pick or not.

Ross Macpherson, a top career expert who works with senior executives across North America, has put together a program called "Awesome Interviews: Advanced Strategies to Ace Any Interview and Get the Job Offer". This program contains over 2 hours of advanced interview techniques along with a 50+ page workbook, articles, FAQs, and is the only program of its kind that tackles only the advanced strategies that get people job offers. To get your own copy, go to now!

Target your best career opportunitiesAbridged:

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Job interviews begin (and sometimes end) with a job search. Even if you already have an interview lined up, you should sharpen your job search skills. You might decide during your interview that you wouldn't really enjoy working in that position. Or you might not get that particular job.

Most workers change jobs quite frequently throughout their careers. It's best to be ready to take advantage of any great opportunity that comes along. If you haven't yet decided upon a specific career path, consider taking some career assessment tests and learn more about yourself. Your job search will be more successful if you know what you're looking for in an ideal job.

There are many wonderful online resources to help you find the right fit. Do some surfing, check out the job posting sites, and decide on a few positions that you'd like to apply for. Then prepare and submit your resume. You don't want to prepare your resume first, because you'll be more successful if you customize it to match the specific job for which you are applying. Having a razor-sharp resume--designed specifically to highlight your abilities related directly to the position in question--will immensely increase your odds of getting the interview, and getting the job!

Get 10 interview calls in 72 hours--guaranteed! Sponsored Article

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- What if you could make your phone ring with employers you chose asking to interview you? Wouldn't it be great to find jobs that never make it to the newspaper or online? Would you like to have nearly ZERO competition from other job hunters when you interview? Now you can!

If you want a fantastic job in the next 30 days, we recommend using JobsByFax. This service is simple to use and an affordable way to ensure a more focused and satisfying job search. You'll have instant access to information on thousands of companies and their decision makers. JobsByFax combines quality and quantity by faxing your resume to potential hiring managers.

Select and target your desired company types, industry and locality, and JobsByFax will fax your resume directly to 1000's of hiring managers matching your criteria. You won't get lost in email. In fact, it's proven that faxing 1000 resumes to the right hiring managers can yield from 10 to 50 quality responses! Target your best career opportunities and get more interviews by going to JobsByFax.

Cyber-networking becoming popular way to find jobsAbridged:

PHOENIX, AZ -- As unemployment rates rise, networking web sites are quickly becoming the No. 1 job-finder tool. Bill Austin is a networking expert with more than 7,000 ties in the Phoenix area. He holds cyber-connecting workshops through Scottsdale Job Network, and said he's seeing a lot of laid-off people at his workshops. "Networking really is the way to find about 80 percent of the jobs," Austin said.

He added, "We're getting a lot more interest in how do you connect online and build those connections so that you can communicate with people who are going to be able to help in your job search." Gloria Pittman was laid off in May and is hoping that online networking will help her land a job. "If something doesn't come up in my field, I'm going to have to get a job someplace -- Target or Walmart," she said. "I can't afford to stay like this, I have bills to pay."

Another job-seeker said, "I worked at my former company nine years. At that time, I applied via a newspaper ad and got the position. Now, it's all about networking. You have to have a contact in the target company that will help get your resume to the hiring manager and that has a good chance of getting you an interview." Even with a bachelor's and a master's degree, the man said he is having a tough time finding a job in the current economy. Austin said networking sites as a job-search tool will be used all the time in the future.

Get your complimentary business and trade magazines!Sponsored Article

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Whether you're looking to move up or move on - reading business and trade publications lets you move right in to the job of your dreams. They keep you sharp, well informed, articulate and in-demand. It's no secret that keeping up with the news and trends of your industry or profession (as well as that of your clients) will give you the competitive edge you need. And now, you can get your trade magazines without having to pay for them.

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First search by publication title, industry, or geography. Then, pick the magazines you want, fill out a brief online subscription form and press submit. It's really that easy. To sign up now for your complimentary trade magazines, go to TradePub.

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