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Vol. 14, Issue 12 - Week of March 23, 2015

5 job search shortcuts to speed up the process Abridged: Business Insider

DENVER, CO -- 1) Know what you want so that people can help you. Knowing what you want accomplishes two important things. First, you give your network important clues about who they know who can help you. Second, you reassure your network that their credibility won't be damaged when they refer you to someone. By referring you, they are putting their credibility at risk. If you make a bad impression, you hurt them, too.

2) Clearly communicate what you want to do NEXT. Your job search is about your future - not your past! Make your target job clear in all your communications and, particularly, in your resume, online profiles, and other job search documents. 3) Ask people for help (and help them, too). Put your network to work. Former co-workers, former bosses, former clients, current and former neighbors, current and former classmates, etc. Networking is what connects people to jobs 70% to 80% of the time!

4) Pay attention. Recruiters and employers get the impression that some job seekers don't seem to read the job posting past the job title. So, show them that YOU are different by paying attention all the way through the process from the initial connection to the acceptance. 5) Use the Internet as a tool, not a solution. Be sure your LinkedIn Profile is up-to-date and spiffy. Twitter intelligently. Watch your Facebook friends and privacy.

Get professional help with your LinkedIn profile Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Two hundred million users can't be wrong. LinkedIn has exploded onto the employment search scene and is now used across 200 different countries. It has sparked a recruiting revolution of sorts, as many hiring managers search its massive database of prospective employees before even announcing a job opening. Is your profile being found?

If the content within your profile is a simple copy-and-paste from your resume, you could be damaging your chances of landing that dream job. The Career News recommends having your profile overhauled by "LinkedIn Builder", the professional writing service with a rapidly growing list of happy clients. The company will turn your LinkedIn content from passive to powerful in 72 short hours. Here's how: Precise, targeted headline; Conversational summary section with a perfectly social tone; Optimized job descriptions crafted to ensure maximum visibility; 100% profile completeness; Fast, email delivery with easy upload instructions; Downloadable DIY Guide loaded with best practices, LinkedIn insights and how-to tips.

LinkedIn Builder's writers specialize in structuring your online professional profile to effectively chronicle your career, achievements and key skills. Their writers possess the knowledge and cross-industry expertise to link your career aspirations with a smashing online presence. Opportunity is waiting. To land more interviews, get your LinkedIn Profile makeover today.

7 ways you can control your job search progress Abridged: USNews Money

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Take control and act as the CEO of your own job search business enterprise. Here are some questions you'll need to answer in order to be successful:

1) What are your key strengths, specific skills and identifiable achievements? What role do they prepare you to fill with distinction? 2) What are the key network resources you have to support you in your search? What's the nature of your professional network? How can you make people understand what specifically they can do to help? 3) How will you position yourself in the marketplace? How can you create and present a compelling case for people to want to interview you? Does your resume show your accomplishment? Is your LinkedIn profile complete in ALL regards with your story well presented?

4) How will you structure your time? How much time each day or week will you devote to your job hunt? How much time will you commit to working on LinkedIn and engaging in personal conversations? 5) What kinds of skills do you need to acquire to become a better job hunter? Who can help you? A family member or a professional resume expert or career coach? 6) What can you do to keep up to date in your field or to broaden and enhance your skill set? 7) What will you do to keep yourself accountable for your own progress? Will you commit to setting specific goals on a measurable timeline?

Use social media to advance your career Abridged: CNBC

LAS VEGAS, NV-- The numbers speak for themselves. LinkedIn is host to 107 million U.S. users and 332 million worldwide. Twitter boasts 232 million active users, and Facebook enjoys a whopping 1.35 billion postings. Would you believe 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates? HR leaders are now opting for the ability to find their best candidates using smart search capabilities. That's why those seeking new careers or positions should pay careful attention to the quality and currency of their social media profiles.

When building a career, if you're not online, you don't exist. Executive search expert Stacy Musi of Chadick Ellig, a New York-based recruiting firm, said, "Every executive should have a current LinkedIn profile that clearly articulates their personal brand and highlights their areas of greatest expertise." But that doesn't mean you should ignore face-to-face connections. "Many searches are still filled the old-fashioned way: through real-time networking," Musi pointed out.

Alexandra Tyler, vice president of integrated campaign management for a leading financial services firm, pointed out that "keywords in your online profile enable you to be found easily in search engines by top recruiters. So be purposeful in crafting your online summary and profile to get to the top of search-engine pages." Whatever social media platforms you choose to use, be sure to be current, be consistent, be compelling and be critical.

Here's how to find recruiters in your industry Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS, ANGELES, CA -- When looking for a job, you may want to consider networking with a recruiter. Recruiters, otherwise known as head hunters or search consultants, are hired by companies to find candidates for them, and often know about unadvertised jobs.

It's important to note, that recruiters do not charge the job seeker. The company pays a fee, typically when a candidate is hired. When contacting a recruiter send a resume and cover letter just as though you were applying for a job. If a recruiter calls you, always call back - even if you are not currently job hunting. You never know when circumstances might change and you might need job search assistance.

If you don't know of any good recruiters and/or want to instantly have your resume sent to 1000's of recruiters that specialize in people with your skills, we have a suggestion for you! One service, Resume Mailman, can email your resume to 1000's of targeted recruiters. Resume Mailman asks you to fill out some general information and input your resume. Then, your information is delivered to recruiters who specialize in finding jobs for people with your skills, in your area! Distribute your resume now with Resume Mailman.

3 ways to master the 'Why should we hire you?' question Abridged: Chameleon Resumes

NEW YORK, NY -- 1: The answer is more about the "We" than the "Me". Instead of focusing on what's great about you, focus on the employer's needs. Do you have a particular skill that would shine and bring about growth at the same time? Does the prospective employer have a situation before them to which you can uniquely contribute? If there's a specific example of how you can advance the company, while advancing your own career, then absolutely share it!

2: It's about your ability to solve problems they have. A smart answer focuses on solving existing problems the company is experiencing. Interviewers love to hear about a mutually beneficial solution or arrangement. Turnover is a real problem for some industries or companies and the better the likelihood that you both get something out of it, the better chances that you'll stick around and they'll want you to.

3: Your passion shines through. Top-notch employees come with motivation and great companies know how to supercharge and channel that already-there mojo. Sharing what made you interested in finance or what inspired you to get involved in the pharmaceutical industry can show a company how you come to them already fired up and all you need is the proverbial gas to fuel that passion. This information combined with your earlier research about the company will emphasize that your personalities and interests mesh well, making you a great hire for them.

[VIDEO] The secret to nailing your next job interview Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Did you know that when the job market was booming it took an average of 3 interviews to get 1 job offer? Now it takes 17! When you finally land the job interview of your dreams will you have what it takes to land the job offer? You must stand out during the job interview or you might as well be playing the lottery.

Most job seekers spend hours creating their resumes and cover letters, searching through job postings, reviewing classified ads and networking--all in order to land the job interview. Yet 99% of them don't have a clue what to do when they get one.

There's a little known "secret career document" you can quickly and easily customize for your next important job interview that literally forces the interviewer to picture you filling the position. This powerful technique was created by one of California's top marketing professionals. His method guarantees you'll automatically stand out from the crowd and shoot straight to the top of the "must hire" list for any position you seek. To nail your next interview and get hired faster, check out this free video.

3 great activities to keep your job search moving Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, Careerealism

CHICAGO, IL -- Exercise: Exercising daily, in addition to maintaining a healthful diet, are important when you're working through a tough circumstance such as a job search. To keep your health in check, set up a daily exercise routine that incorporates cardio and strength training. Also, take vitamins and eat properly. Good health works wonders in improving your mind and body, while also creating a more positive attitude to carry you through your job search.

Relax: Many experts equate a job search to a full-time job. There's nothing wrong with spending a full workday looking for new employment. But as with a full-time job, you need to take breaks, including lunch, to breathe and rejuvenate. Take time to relax throughout your job-seeking days. Create a job search schedule so that you don't overwhelm yourself with thoughts of employment. Relaxing is a great way to rest your mind and recharge for the next day's searches.

Volunteer: Consider volunteering at a local organization a couple of days a week. There are a number of benefits that can arise from volunteering. For one thing, you'll keep your mind sharp so that you're ready to hit the ground running when you do find work. In addition, you can add your volunteer efforts to your resume to show you've been busy in between jobs. And finally, you get the opportunity to network with professionals who might be able to help you find your next position.

New Search Tool: Search all top job sites from one place! Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- If you've been recently searching online for a job, you realize there are literally thousands of different websites all listing potential job matches for you. Amazingly enough, even the biggest employment sites have less than 10% of available jobs listed online. Yet finding and then searching through thousands of different job boards and company websites is nearly impossible. Conversely, overlooking any one of these sites could cause you to miss out on the job of your dreams.

Wouldn't it be great if you could search all online job listings from just one website? Well you finally can, with a new job search engine at This site works just like Google, Yahoo or Bing, except it searches only for targeted job listings from sites like: Careerbuilder,,, SimplyHired, Jobs2Careers, and more.

You simply plug in your job title and desired location, and in seconds you can review all your best job matches pulled from all the top job sites -- and all in one place. Now instead of spending endless hours bouncing around to countless different job sites, the jobs are brought right to you in seconds. The best part is there's no charge for this service, no sign up required, and you can try it right now. Just go to: for--free.

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