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Vol. 14, Issue 4 - Week of January 26, 2015

Stay Inspired: Here's your 2015 job search checklist Abridged: The Savvy Intern

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- List What You're Thankful For: Attitude impacts everything in your job search. Give yourself an attitude boost by listing five things that you're thankful for in your life. Even when times are tough, you can likely find a few things to be grateful for.

Create a Daily Goal List: A simple checklist of no more than three goals can help you stay on track, give you a sense of productivity and allow you to feel a sense of accomplishment as you check off the items. Even better, an organized, consistent approach to your search is also more likely to result in a job. Revisit Your Finances: Exercise some control over the money you're currently spending. If you don't know where your money goes each month, make it a priority to figure it out now. Once you know how much money you require to live, you can look at tradeoffs in terms of your job search.

Determine Your Minimum Standards: If you have been looking for a job for a long time, you may have fallen prey to well-meaning friends and relatives who suggest that you take any job, even one outside of your field or below your desired salary. Depending on your situation, this might be good advice. But proactively thinking about the timetable and plan that works for you will help you to manage your job search as well as respond to your friends in a deliberate way.

Get organized and cover all your bases Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- While the job market is very competitive right now, there are still millions of jobs being offered by recruiters and hiring managers who search all of the top career sites and niche job boards. Sure it may take some time, but posting your resume on these websites will give you better exposure than your competition!

If you want the benefit of maximum exposure, but don't want to spend 60 hours researching and filling out website forms, consider letting a service like Resume Rabbit do the work for you. With this service, you fill out one easy form and in about 15 minutes you'll be posted on over 90 career websites like CareerBuilder,, Net-Temps, Dice and more! A comprehensive list of all the sites they post to is on their home page.

If confidentiality is a concern, use Resume Rabbit's new confidentiality feature. Your resume can be seen, however, no one will see your name, street address, phone number or even your current company name. Whether you do it by hand or use a service like Resume Rabbit, creating accounts on all the best career websites will give you access to millions of jobs and exposure to 1.5 million employers and recruiters daily. Cast your net wide and maximize your exposure to find a job faster.

5 job interview tips for job seekers Abridged: Jobmob

SALEM, OR -- To ace the interview, here are a few tips that will help increase your chances of making it through to the job. 1) Dress for success: Yes, kind of cliche, but wearing a suit, and all the accessories makes for a professional appearance. Dressing in shocking color schemes or in jeans and a t-shirt will likely not impress the interviewer.

2) Acknowledge and maintain eye contact with everyone: When being interviewed by a group, if you look at only one or two of the interviewers, you risk alienating those you did not maintain eye contact with. 3) Research the company before the interview: Not knowing much about the company is showing a lack of respect and will likely destroy the applicant's chances of getting the job. If you know about the company and find a way to mention how your skills fit their current and five-year plans, you will stand out from the others receiving interviews.

4) Ask questions that uniquely connect with the company's goals: During the research phase, look into the company's current initiatives and short/long term goals. Then, in the interview, ask the interviewer(s) how they see the open position playing into those goals and initiatives. 5) Send thank you notes: Thank you notes sent to interviewers can make a great, lasting impression especially when it's sent within 24 hours and it's a handwritten note.

How to land the job during a second interview Abridged: Forbes

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When you're on the short list of final candidates for a second job interview, the key to success is to demonstrate to the hiring manager why you are the person they should hire over any of the other candidates. Here are two ways to accomplish this:

Tip #1: Come prepared with examples of previous work and be able to explain why your work was successful. Showing a hiring manager previous work, such as a product launch plan, can be helpful. Even better is to then explain why the product launch plan was successful, or parts of it that were not, why and what you learned from the experience. This demonstrates to the hiring manager that you understand how things work or don't work why certain tactics had a direct impact and others did not.

Tip #2: Provide the hiring manager with specific reasons why you're the candidate they should hire. From the notes you took during your first interview and from the job description, prior to your second job interview, write down the top 3-5 attributes they're looking for. Evaluate yourself against these items and determine how your qualifications and experience meet or exceed the requirements. By reminding the hiring manager of the key aspects they're looking for and explaining why you're the person they should hire, you're helping to make their decision easier.

[VIDEO] Ace your next interview and get hired faster Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Did you know that when the job market was booming it took an average of 3 interviews to get 1 job offer? Now it takes 17! When you finally land the job interview of your dreams will you have what it takes to land the job offer? You must stand out during the job interview or you might as well be playing the lottery.

Most job seekers spend hours creating their resumes and cover letters, searching through job postings, reviewing classified ads and networking--all in order to land the job interview. Yet 99% of them don't have a clue what to do when they get one.

There's a little known "secret career document" you can quickly and easily customize for your next important job interview that literally forces the interviewer to picture you filling the position. This powerful technique was created by one of California's top marketing professionals. His method guarantees you'll automatically stand out from the crowd and shoot straight to the top of the "must hire" list for any position you seek. To ace your next interview and get hired faster visit: The Job Interview Secret.

Improve your interview success rate with these tips Abridged: Recruiter

NEW YORK, NY -- Don't Text. No matter how friendly you got with the interviewer, don't "text" a thank you note. Only 10% of employers welcome text message thank you notes. Avoid Tweeting. It might seem cool and hip to tweet your thank you note, but in reality, only 27% of employers value this approach. Send Your Note via Phone or Email. More than 80% of employers prefer to receive thank you notes in one of these ways, making them the most popular options.

Timing Matters. Follow up within 24-48 hours to ensure you are still fresh in the interviewer's mind. Don't Forget the Basics. Of course you want to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you, but then you should quickly move from niceties to weighty, meaningful content. Match Your Strengths to Their Needs. Remind the interviewer of your qualifications by mentioning two or three of your key strengths that match the key job requirements highlighted during the interview. Remind them that you're a great fit, positioning yourself at the forefront of their mind.

Dispel Any Doubts. This is not the time for a major repair session. You will not save a terribly bad interview with a thank you letter, but you might able to address one or two lingering doubts the interviewer may have. Keep this brief. Strengths need to outweigh doubts.

Land more interviews with this job search tool Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- With the job search engine called MyJobHunter, you can search all top career sites at once & apply to all matching jobs with one click. Just enter your search criteria, review the matching jobs and select the ones you want. Then, click a single button and you'll instantly apply to all selected jobs with your resume and cover letter (without having to log into each job site separately).

Click another button and you can automate the whole process! MyJobHunter can remember what you searched for, search for it again each day, and AUTOMATICALLY APPLY FOR YOU to new jobs matching your criteria. Review jobs in advance or put searching & applying on auto-pilot. The choice is yours.

You'll also get an application history report that makes follow-up a breeze! It shows the jobs you were applied to, full job descriptions, employer contact info, and application dates. You can even add personal notes to each job! This service is proven to reduce hours of job searching and resume submitting to just minutes. Simply upload your resume, enter your job search criteria and let MyJobHunter take it from there. Visit MyJobHunter, to search all job sites at once and apply to matching jobs with just 1-click.

Laid Off? Use LinkedIn for a job search in 6 easy step Abridged: Career Cast

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- First off, take a couple days to breath and then when you are back and balanced, roll up your sleeves and get started on your job search strategy. Here is a list of things you can do to help you use LinkedIn: 1) Put an end date on your current experience and add to your headline something eye catching like "Executive Recruiter/Speaker/Author/who helps you create a better career. Featured on Fox/CBS/CNN."

2) Never leave the Summary section blank! A blank Summary means that the first thing an employer sees is your Experience section. Your profile will then be like a resume without a Summary statement at the top, or like a term paper without an introduction. 3) Once that's done, start networking. Call your contacts, let them know you are looking. If that makes you queasy, email them inside LinkedIn and make contact.

4) Start connecting with recruiters. How? Do an advanced keyword search for your industry and then refine it by choosing Staffing and Recruiting for industry. Add those recruiters who specialize in your industry to your network and include a note telling them that you're interested in new opportunities and to check out your profile. 5) Start updating your LinkedIn Status. This is a great way to stay on top of your connections' minds. Investigate the Jobs section of LinkedIn. Take some time to play in LinkedIn Answers and Groups.

Improve your LinkedIn profile and get noticed Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Two hundred million users can't be wrong. LinkedIn has exploded onto the employment search scene and is now used across 200 different countries. It has sparked a recruiting revolution of sorts, as many hiring managers search its massive database of prospective employees before even announcing a job opening. Is your profile being found?

If the content within your profile is a simple copy-and-paste from your resume, you could be damaging your chances of landing that dream job. The Career News recommends having your profile overhauled by "LinkedIn Builder", the professional writing service with a rapidly growing list of happy clients. The company will turn your LinkedIn content from passive to powerful in 72 short hours. Here's how: Precise, targeted headline; Conversational summary section with a perfectly social tone; Optimized job descriptions crafted to ensure maximally visible 100% profile completeness; Fast, email delivery with easy upload instructions; Downloadable DIY Guide loaded with best practices, LinkedIn insights and how-to tips.

LinkedIn Builder's writers specialize in structuring your online professional profile to effectively chronicle your career, achievements and key skills. Their writers possess the knowledge and cross-industry expertise to link your career aspirations with a smashing online presence. Opportunity is waiting. To land more interviews, get started now on your LinkedIn profile makeover.

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