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Vol. 11, Issue 29 - July 16, 2012

Job search mistakes can be devastating Abridged: NWTimes

MUNSTER, IN -- Every day, thousands of job candidates are out looking for a job. The truth is that many of them make at least one mistake in the process. The worst part is that many of these mistakes are avoidable. Finding a job is tough enough in today's economy. The last thing a job candidate needs is forgettable, regrettable moments to compound the issue. Here are some mistakes that are avoidable:

Do not use a personal e-mail address. Do not enter a career search without a career plan. Do not under-dress for a job interview. If anything, over-dress. Do not waste time searching career sites one by one. Use a job search engine to save time. Do not be sloppy with a cover letter or a resume. Double-check everything. Do not withdraw. Go to networking events, and make new professional connections. Do not shortchange a social media presence. Be mindful of social profiles and pictures posted on the Internet.

Do not try to turn an informational interview into a job interview. Do not forget to have a LinkedIn profile. Do not forget to research the company. Do not forget to follow-up after an interview. Do not fail to ask questions at the interview. Questions imply interest in the job. Do not rely on a single job-hunt strategy. Job candidates should cover all their bases and use multiple ways to search for a new job.

Cover all your job search bases & save time! Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- With so many people currently in the job market or looking for better career opportunities, how can you make sure your resume will be seen? With advancing technology, the internet is an extremely popular resource for posting and finding resumes. But with all the job boards and niche career sites available, wouldn't it be nice if your resume could be found on all of them?

Consider a site that can make that happen. You post your information to their site once, and they distribute it on up to 85 different top career sites! It's called Resume Rabbit and it's so easy to use. Just fill out one simple online form and in just 5 minutes you'll be well on your way to landing that job you've been searching for. There's also a personal posting report auto-login feature that lets you log in to the many sites where your resume is posted in just one mouse click!

Let Resume Rabbit cover your bases and save you hours of filling out forms to post your resume online. Use those saved hours to take the offense in your job search while 1.5 million employers still see your resume daily. Organize your job search and save time distributing your resume with Resume Rabbit today.

How best to stand out and build your brand Abridged: PRNewswire

NEW YORK, NY -- With a weak job market and millions of applicants looking for work, now's an important time to brand "yourself" and stand out in job searches. According to experts at Imprint Plus, leading manufacturer of personal branding and identification systems, one of the key factors in presenting yourself to potential employers is through a well-written resume. Experience and qualifications should dictate the length of a resume in generally 1-2 pages, but never shorten the resume by leaving off pertinent experience.

After the heading and contact information, always lead with your greatest strengths and present a "snapshot" of your skills, qualifications and achievements. Keep the resume brief, concise and to the point. Make sure it's free of grammatical and typographical errors. In addition to presenting a great resume, job applicants should create an account at with a complete profile. Recruiters often use LinkedIn to search for candidates. It also helps to keep in touch with former colleagues and other professionals, who may have some job leads to share.

Be sure to attend job fairs and networking conferences to seek out job opportunities and learn about companies and their hiring practices. When attending networking or group meetings -- name badges are very important. They make it possible for people to learn your name and remember you, and therefore increase the likelihood that you will make a lasting impression and connection.

Hot tips for acing an interview Abridged: Fox Business

CULVER CITY, CA -- In today's labor market, landing an interview is no small feat. Competition is tough for open job positions, making the interview process more crucial than ever. Whether you're interviewing for a job or being vetted for a promotion, there are five things you should keep in mind: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: Start your prep by researching the position, company history and culture of the organization. Read the company's website, browse industry chat rooms/LinkedIn groups and read trade journals.

Speak their Language: Every business, trade and industry has their own "language" full of specific terms and lingo. Go into the interview with a strong command of the slang, jargon and acronyms frequently used by the company and industry you are pursuing. Show Differentiation: Keep in mind you are likely not the only qualified candidate interviewing for the job and you have to be deliberate about separating yourself from the pack.

Know Your Talking Points: Be ready with a core set of talking points that can be tailored to answer almost any question. Prepare 3-5 talking points that illustrate past successes and demonstrate how you approach getting things done. Feel their Pain: Every boss is looking for someone to make their life easier. Throughout the interview pay attention to hints about challenges or pain points the hiring manager may be facing. Your job is to identify pain points and show how hiring you can make them go away!

How to get 10 interview calls in 72 hours Staff Writer, The Career News

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- There's nothing easy about job searching. What's especially frustrating for many job seekers is a disappointing response rate. However, it's important to note that a job search is based on a numbers game. For example: If you get your resume in front of 1000 hiring managers, you should get 10-50 quality responses leading up to 5 interviews. If you don't pay attention to 'how' you are sending your resumes, your actions might only serve to put your resume in a pile with hundreds of others - if it even makes it to the pile at all.

Consider a more focused approach to your job search. A search that increases the number and quality of responses by using a targeted list of industries and decision makers who are looking for people with your skills. This new type of search also employs an affordable delivery system that ensures your resume will be seen by the right person. Impossible?

Not at all! We recommend using a service called JobsByFax. This service is simple to use, effective and an affordable way to ensure a more focused and satisfying job search. JobsByFax combines quality and quantity by faxing your resume to potential employers and recruiters. In fact, it's been statistically proven that sending 1000 resumes using JobsByFax can yield from 10 to 50 quality responses. JobsByFax will revitalize your job search and produce quality responses that lead to interviews and even job offers! Take control of your job search and land more interviews by going to JobsByFax.

How to get better results from job search engines Abridged: MakeUseOf

DENVER, CO -- Trying to find a job is hard enough, but when you're bombarded with a flurry of online listings, it can get pretty overwhelming. So how do you take control of your search and get to the bottom of it all? Simplify your search and use a job search engine/aggregator. Here are 4 tricks to get better results from job search engines.

Search By Industry: Broaden your search before narrowing down your results. Try doing a search by industry. Next, try typing in a keyword like a job title or category, enter in a location, and select an industry. Search By Company: Do a quick search by entering a company name to see all the opportunities available.

Use Advanced Job Search Engine Options: Instead of using a website's quick search default, narrow your results further by taking advantage of the advanced search option. For example, when you go advanced, you can search for multiple keywords, an exact phrase, disqualify certain words, and more. You can also specify which job type (full-time, part-time, contract, etc.) you'd like, if you want jobs from only employer websites or not, and enter in a minimum salary estimate per year. All of these options are easy and effective ways to refine your search for better results. To further narrow your results, pay attention to any of the job filters available as you search.

Search online jobs from one place - and easily apply! Staff Writer, The Career News

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Are you tired of going to several job sites every day and searching each one separately? Do you dread submitting your resume & cover letter over and over for every job you apply to? Do you find it difficult to keep track of where you sent your resume for future follow up? To help reduce the time spent searching job ads, try using a job aggregator site to search millions of jobs from thousands of company websites, job boards and newspapers -- all from one place.

The Career News recommends a service called MyJobHunter. With this service, you can search all top career sites at once AND apply to all matching jobs with one click. First, MyJobHunter will instantly search all major job sites for jobs matching your criteria. You'll review a list of job matches and put check marks next to the ones you like. Then, press a single button and your resume is sent to the jobs you selected. It's that simple! They'll even personalize your cover letter with each job application. Login any time to review jobs applied to and even add follow-up notes on each one.

Check out these other great features. Don't want to forget keywords that generated perfect jobs? Try the "Saved Search" feature. Want MyJobHunter to find & apply to jobs for you? Turn on "Auto-Apply" and your resume is automatically sent to new job matches every day. You'll never miss an opportunity and your resume gets there first! Supercharge your job search and save time for networking by going to MyJobHunter.

U.S. Employment Trends Index falls Abridged: NASDAQ

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A compilation of U.S. labor indicators fell in June, a month when U.S. economic activity slowed sharply, according to a report released recently by the Conference Board. The board said that its June employment trends index dropped to 107.47 from a revised 108.23 in May, first reported as 108.34. The June index is up 5.6% from a year earlier.

The report said the index has been relatively flat since February, "suggesting that slow employment growth is likely to continue through the summer," said Gad Levanon, director of macroeconomic research at the board. "Since there is little hope of acceleration in the pace of economic activity any time soon, these weak labor market conditions are likely to persist for the coming months," he said. On Friday, the Labor Department reported U.S. nonfarm payrolls added only 80,000 jobs in June, short of the 100,000 expected by economists. The June unemployment rate remained at 8.2%.

In June, four of the eight components within the ETI declined. The indicators that brought down the ETI included the percentage of firms with hard-to-fill positions and the ratio of involuntarily part-time workers to all part-time workers. The Conference Board's index is an aggregate of eight labor-market indicators, including jobless claims, job openings data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and industrial production figures from the Federal Reserve.

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