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Vol. 17, Issue 31 - Week of July 30, 2018

Taking the stress out of job interviewsAbridged: The Guardian

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Thorough preparation and research are the most important things you can do to ensure a successful interview. But taking care of the smaller details before your interview means you have less to worry about on the big day, making you feel more confident and in control.

Use your online network to your advantage. Your research should give you insight into general industry trends, opportunities and challenges. Glean information about the company and employees from LinkedIn. Then use this information as a basis for questions about career opportunities during your interview. Check to see if anyone in your network has ties to the organization. Ask them about what it's like to work there, or maybe even about your interviewer.

Make sure that what people can see out about you online matches the details on your resume. Predict any 'red flag' areas, such as gaps or reasons for leaving a previous company. Preparing and practicing polished replies to these will help you feel more confident. Try on your interview clothes to make sure they fit, are clean and in a good state of repair. If you aren't sure what to wear, a business suit is appropriate for most sectors. Bring a copy of your references for your interviewer. Also take along paper and a pen to make notes during your interview. Only take short quick notes if you want to come back to something at a later stage of the interview.

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