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Vol. 17, Issue 31 - Week of July 30, 2018

How to network during a job searchAbridged: Raeburn Career Coaching

NEW YORK, NY -- How many people do you know? 200? 400? 600? More? Let's say you know at least 200. If they each know at least 200, that's 200 x 200 which equals 40,000 people you can get in touch with directly or through a contact. These people will have a lot of information and advice available to you to help in your job search. So, how to network during a job search?

When looking for a job, spend the majority of your time reaching out to your network of contacts. Start off by making a list of people you know, from friends, family, ex-colleagues and current colleagues to people you know through hobbies. Prioritize who you feel best able to approach first. Think about what you would like to get from each meeting. Draw up a list of points appropriate to discuss with that person. Short of asking for a job there's a variety of things about which you can seek advice and opinions.

For example: suggestions about career choices; information about changes in organizations, people, services or products, not yet publicly known; developments in the industry; which organizations are growing, what are the issues they face; referral to other people or sources of information. The meeting is best held in the contact's office, since valuable information is on tap. Aim for about twenty minutes, since this usually fits reasonably into most people's diaries with some room to spare.

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