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Vol. 17 , Issue 29 - Week of July 16, 2018

Get recruiters to call you with great jobsAbridged Fortune.com

New York, NY -- What's the best way to get headhunters to call you the next time a terrific new opportunity crosses their desk? It helps to always take - and return - their calls. Headhunters remember people who make their own jobs easier.

"There is a lot of quid pro quo in our business," says Dale Winston, CEO of Manhattan-based executive recruiters Battalia Winston International. "We keep people in mind who have helped us find good candidates in the past, and we like to reciprocate that help."

Translation: Even if you aren't the right person for the job a headhunter is trying to fill at any given moment, you may be the right person for the next one. So take those phone calls, and see if you can't come up with the names of a couple of good prospects, or at least be willing to try.

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