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Vol. 17, Issue 28 - Week of July 9, 2018

When should you use a job hunting service?Abridged: WorkWise Onlineg

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Scouring the online job boards and career sites can often bring back weak results without a job plan intact. So how do you know when you need a job service to help you out? Perhaps you haven't job hunted for a while. Perhaps you have. Perhaps you're a whiz at job hunting but just haven't updated your information. However, many online services make job hunters pause before investing in one. The key is to make sure the job service you are investing in is performed by a reputable company.

Example: Gregory Quirk of Ontario, Canada, brings eight years of experience as a marketing manager in the high tech industry. You might think that he should be able to conduct his job search all on his own. He should know strategy, marketing and social networking. However, Quirk discovered that he'd hit a brick wall after six months of job hunting. He did land some short contracts, but he finally had enough and considered alternate strategies. "I reviewed everything that I'd been doing," he says, "and realized that, after weeks of looking up all of the companies that I could think of, and contacting everyone in my network, I was out of ideas."

Quirk changed his approach and invested in a job service to help him conduct a more focused search. Next he targeted his resume to niche job boards and career sites in his fields of interest. Another job hunter, Carl Reid, a technology consultant in New York City focusing on social media, was running his "career like a business. I realized I couldn't do it by myself. What I was doing surely wasn't working! I decided invested in a $100 online job course and landed a new job within three weeks."

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