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Vol. 17, Issue 27 - Week of July 2, 2018

Does your resume make you look too old?Staff Writer, The Career News

NEW YORK, NY -- Age often becomes a hiring issue much sooner than we expect. In some industries, you can be considered too old or "washed up" while you are still in your thirties! People with "too much" experience are often intimidating to a hiring manager or may be mistakenly considered "harder to manage". If you're concerned about subconscious age discrimination when your resume is reviewed, then following these suggestions for streamlining your resume will help keep your resume from the reject pile:

  • Limit what you list on your resume.
  • Include only the last fifteen years when applying for a manager job.
  • List ten years for technical jobs and five years for a high-tech job.
  • Leave your other experience off your resume or list it without dates.
  • Do not include dates when you list your education and training.
  • Consider using a functional resume rather than chronological.

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