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Vol. 17, Issue 27 - Week of July 2, 2018

Permission Slips for a Successful Job SearchBusiness Development Coach

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- What do we know about the need to be perfect in our job search? We know that it can be crippling, even paralyzing, at the time when we most need to be in action. If I were going to give you permission slips for a successful job search, I would include the following:

  • Permission to take action with incomplete information.
  • Make mistakes, as long as you keep moving.
  • Stir up lots of emotions and feelings.
  • Want to be alone, or even hide, for one day.
  • Rise above the internal talk/mind chatter.
  • Really screw up, and learn from it.
  • Celebrate daily victories and accomplishments.
  • Be certain of your ultimate success.
  • Seek the experts & resources you need to guide you.
Write your own permission slips for success. Literally write them out and carry them with you. Who else can really give you permission to overcome all the obstacles and succeed?

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