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Vol. 17 , Issue 26 - Week of June 25, 2018

Networking: Things to watch out forGeorge Blomgren, Tips From An Employer

MILWAUKEE, WI -- I received the following email message recently. Since I am a big proponent of networking, I wanted to quickly outline all the reasons this email was not effective. Example: "Dear Sir. Can yout get me a job in Cleveland? Thx, TJ"

First, TJ didn't bother to run spell check, or even look carefully at his message before hitting send. Second, I don't live anywhere near Cleveland, as TJ would have discovered if he had clicked the link that leads to my bio. Third, chat-style grammar ("thx") doesn't belong in job-related correspondence. And fourth, you would think TJ would make some effort at telling me about him/herself as part of a request for help - ideally, a resume would have been attached to the message.

But here's the real kicker. In today's competitive job market, nobody can get you a job. They can share leads and advice, they can answer specific questions, and they may have suitable opportunities that you can apply for. But nobody can get you a job.

At the risk of offending TJ, the many mistakes reflected in the email message to me don't bode well for his/her employment prospects, if he/she makes similar mistakes when contacting employers. However, having said that, TJ took the time to reach out and expand his/her network. There's a lot to be said for that!

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