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Vol. 17, Issue 25 - Week of June 18, 2018

Are you using an ineffective job search strategy? Abridged: Careerealism

MIAMI, FL -- Continue to look for job leads and research potential employers online, but use these strategies in tandem with a new, more personal approach. Here are a few helpful hints for your new job search strategy:

When you call or meet with people, be friendly and social. Make sure your energy is positive and the talk is not solely focused on you. Be respectful of people's time. Make the conversation pleasant and be positive. Your job search may be difficult and frustrating, but people are more receptive if you're upbeat and optimistic. If you're going to ask others to forward your resume to their HR departments, make sure you are a strong fit for the role and that you have tweaked your resume so it "bleeds" the job description. When you forward your customized resume, make sure you include the job description (including the job number) and a few bullets that recap your relevant experience.

Sometimes we need to shake things up in our quest for the next great opportunity. Focusing on more personal modes of communication adds a human element to your search process and can lead to a more positive attitude toward your job search as a whole. Conversations also give you more opportunities to showcase your "value proposition" to potential employers and may lead, directly or through referrals, to the interviews you seek.

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