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Vol. 17 , Issue 24 - Week of June 11, 2018

What makes a resume scream: Don't hire me?Abridged: Fortune.com

New York, NY -- How much personal information should you include in a resume? The question evidently baffles lots of people. "Your resume speaks volumes about you," notes V. Michael Prencipe, a principal at HR Staffing Solutions. "Unfortunately, sometimes it screams, Don't hire me."

Prencipe also counsels against saving your resume with unprofessional names like 'ssseexxxyyy_2018' and sending it as an attachment. He cautions against listing your reply e-mail address as something like 'bruceypants@' - and yes, he reports, those are both real-life examples, as are countless resumes that detail the reasons why job seekers were fired from previous jobs (which is information not suitable for resumes).

As for personal information like hobbies, number of children, or any of the other myriad extraneous details that job hunters often feel compelled to list, Prencipe says: Don't. He's even seen at least one resume referring to a job seekers divorce complete with the reason for the split-up. "This is way, way too much information," says Principe. He suggests you adopt this simple motto: "Professional, yes. Personal, no. Enough said."

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