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Vol. 17 , Issue 24 - Week of June 11, 2018

Interviews: The good, the bad & the uglyGeorge Blomgren, Tips from an Employer

MILWAUKEE, WI -- What can you do to save a bad interview? When an interview lacks focus, the interviewer may lack the skills to conduct a good interview. Unfortunately, they will probably be left with the same poor impression of the interview as you. You can put things back on tracks by asking questions that will create constructive dialog, like: "What more can I tell you about my experience?"

An interview may seem like a waste of time if it becomes evident you aren't qualified; perhaps the job isn't what its description implied. An interviewer may be too passive to wrap the interview up quickly. You can end things gracefully - "I appreciate your time, but it's apparent that this isn't a good match for me."

When interviews turn ugly, you have several options. First, weigh the situation carefully - many interviewers will deliberately evoke tension, even hostility, to test your reaction. Remain cool and professional. If you aren't comfortable, or you think that the interview has genuinely gone awry, just excuse yourself. It's rarely worth it to "fight back;" and burning bridges is never wise.

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