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Vol. 17, Issue 20 - May 14, 2018

Never go anywhere without your business cardsAbridged: Portland Job Search Examiner

PORTLAND, OR -- Every person in the job market should know how highly recommended business cards are for their job search strategy. It is a fabulous idea! When you hand someone your business card you're presenting your professionalism. It's one of your marketing tools that can present your brand. Having a business card is very impressive because so few job seekers will take the time and initiative to do so.

Business cards will give prospective employers your contact information, but can also highlight the industry you are looking to go into. Some job seekers will use the back of the card to showcase their skills by including a few bullet points. This is how it differs from your typical business card. It can be a powerful marketing tool.

Business cards are great to have for networking hours, social gatherings, professional association meetings and great to give to an employer. Be sure to include your name, phone number, website and email address! On the back of the card, highlight your experience using bullet points. Keep everything consistent ... Formatting is key to showcasing your professionalism!

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