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Vol. 17, Issue 20 - May 14, 2018

Maximizing your job search - The numbers gameAbridged: Isabont Blog

SACRAMENTO, CA -- Some will say that the job search is a game of numbers - the more ads you see and resumes you send, the better chances of landing a job. Others will say that this approach is like a 'shotgun' (not particularly accurate, but hits a broad target). These folks would argue that the 'rifle' approach is better - know exactly what you want then look ONLY for that perfect match.

Unfortunately, the 'rifle' folks are generally wrong. Why? Because the internet has brought job seekers massive exposure to open positions. The effort to send a resume to 5 companies is not much more than sending it to 5,000. So, use the 'law of large numbers' and hit as many as are relevant.

Relevant - as in 'a basic fit' for your skills and desires. This means hitting all the opportunities that 'are in your sweet spot'. It's better than only relying on a few and tailoring your resume to a specific opportunity ... hoping that whoever is screening the resumes sees the clear differentiation between your resume and the rest of the pile.

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