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Vol. 17, Issue 20 - May 14, 2018

Tips aid job search during tough economic timesAbridged: Suburban Chicago News

CHICAGO, IL -- Consider the following advice for job searching during our current global credit crises and flat-lining domestic economy: To be a successful job seeker in this climate, you have to be calm, patient and proactive -- and try any of these tips.

Pick and choose your targets. It's important to put your time and energy into opportunities that you're the most interested in and that have the best chance of coming to fruition. Pick a few companies you're interested in and pursue them, whether they have current openings or not.

Concentrate on growth industries. Energy, healthcare, technology and anything related to the defense industry in general will continue to thrive. Work your networks. Flip through your Rolodex or social media contacts. Let them know you're looking. And that includes all family and all friends. Consider freelancing or setting up your own business at home. Take a temporary position. Temping helps you network with employers that need you.

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