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Vol. 17, Issue 21 - May 21, 2018

Finding a job as a mature job seekerAbridged: The Wallstreet Journal

WASHINGTON, D.C -- Searching for a job when you're 50 or older requires a different approach than a typical search. To succeed, you need to plan ahead. Consider this advice to secure a new position:

  • Prepare mentally. It takes an average of 22 weeks for someone over 55 to find a new job. Having the appropriate expectation level helps with maintaining your self-esteem, attitude and energy level.
  • Target niche recruiters. Let executive-search professionals who specialize in your industry or job function know you're on the market. Executive recruiters fill high-level positions and are skilled in working with experienced hires.
  • Make new connections. Broaden your networking circle to boost your odds of getting referrals and news about openings.
  • Get tech savvy. Familiarize yourself with instant messaging, social networking and other tech-related activities.
  • Curb age bias. You can address some of the common, unspoken predispositions that hiring managers may have about senior candidates. Casually reveal information to counteract these questions. And remember, everything from your hair to your shoes should convey your status as a successful professional.

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