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Vol. 17, Issue 21 - May 21, 2018

Keeping your job search under the radarAbridged: New York Times

NEW YORK, NY -- You know it's time to leave your job, but you also know that your search for a new opportunity may take some time. What's the best way to proceed while still in your current job? Prepare for your next move long before it becomes urgent.

Constantly manage your professional growth by keeping up with your network, both at your company and in the industries that interest you. That way, when you start looking for a job, you won't look as if you suddenly ramped up the networking. This is even true in the virtual world. Creating a presence on social networking sites shouldn't necessarily give people the idea you are looking for a search since you should be doing that all the time. By and large, if you are properly managing your career, your job search should be invisible to those around you.

In general, don't share news of your departure until you make a decision. This is an unwritten rule of working. Most bosses accept this reality and will not change their opinion of you because of it. As much as you get along with a boss, it is not a peer-to-peer relationship. In the end, you and your boss might have competing interests. Still, there are instances when disclosing your intentions can work, especially if you have a really honest and open relationship with your boss.

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