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Vol. 17, Issue 19 - Week of May 7, 2018

Things to do while you're unemployedAbridged: SimplyHired

SEATTLE, WA -- Explore New Opportunities: Don't just search for the same job you did before. Many types of jobs might be a good fit for your transferable skills. Instead, try searching for the skills that you used in your last job. Resist Isolation: Searching for a job can be a lonely process. Friends, family and former co-workers can help during this time by providing feedback, encouragement, referrals and much-needed breaks. Schedule lunch dates and coffee breaks with your contacts.

Keep an Eye on Your Finances: When you don't know when your next paycheck will come, it's important to save money. Enlist your friends to help you economize while maintaining your social life by planning nights of activities that don't cost extra. Movie nights, game nights, potluck dinners, hiking, and camping are all reasonably inexpensive activities that will keep you social.

Keep Your Skills Fresh: Keep your job skills current by looking for volunteer opportunities in your field. You also can look for contract or freelance assignments or work on relevant personal projects. Be Productive: You'll feel better about your situation if you accomplish something during your time off. Make it your goal to finally clean out your basement, fix something around the house, learn something new, build something, teach your sibling, child, niece or nephew how to do something, travel, stop a bad habit, start a side business or take up a hobby.

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