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Vol. 17, Issue 19 - Week of May 7, 2018

How to job hunt smarter, not harderAbridged: CareerBuilder

CHICAGO, IL -- Apply for jobs that interest you. You should be targeting specific jobs - the ones you actually can see yourself doing. Applying for a position that doesn't interest you may work out in the end, but more often than not your lack of enthusiasm will come across on paper and during the interview.

Refine your job board strategy. The Internet is a great place to find jobs. But sometimes, it seems like there is screen after screen of results for every search term you plug in. Rather than squandering your time, use job search aggregators, filter the results and set up email alerts to make your job hunt more efficient. Consider staffing agencies. Work with reputable staffing agencies. Professional recruiters make it their job, literally, to match you with the ideal position. They reach out to their vast network of employers to find jobs that dovetail with your career goals, experience, skills and passions.

Use professional networking sites correctly. Professional networking sites are great resources when you're on the job hunt. Make sure you've thoughtfully completed all fields in your profile and add samples of your work. Additionally, follow companies you're interested in and catch their eye by liking and commenting on their postings. Send out targeted resumes. Tailor not just your cover letter but also your resume for each job posting. Work from a boilerplate resume, and highlight different responsibilities and results as appropriate.

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