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Vol. 17, Issue 19 - Week of May 7, 2018

5 Ways to land your new job fasterAbridged: Job-Hunt Blog

BOSTON, MA -- 1) Have More Than One Inside Contact: Don't stop reaching out to people once you've found an inside connection. Keep building your network and if someone suggests you meet a second or third company insider, go for it. 2) Work with More Than One Recruiter: Don't put your job search in the hands of a single recruiter or firm. Different firms work with different recruiters. Therefore, you're best served finding recruiters who have pre-existing relationships with those companies. Ask around.

3) Always Follow-Up: The best you can do is persistently follow-up to find out where in the process the hiring manager is and if they need any more information from you. Double check their timeline, and remind them you'll reach out if you don't hear within that timeline. 4) LinkedIn Is More Than An Online Resume: Be sure your profile is robust. Grow your network. Use the advanced search functionality to find inside connections. Completely fill in all sections, use keywords and include media and files. Actively participate in groups and update your status daily during your job search.

5) Job Boards Are Only One Part of Your Search: While job boards are a key tool in your job search, don't spend 100% of your time and energy on them. Also target companies who have previously posted jobs or companies you know you would like to work for and begin talking to employees inside those companies.

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