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Vol. 17, Issue 19 - Week of May 7, 2018

Brand Yourself And Get The JobAbridged: Robert Half International

WAYNE, PA -- Know Thyself. A good way to nail down your personal brand is to write a brief about yourself. List everything you have to offer an employer. Once you think you've captured all potentially valuable skills, abilities and traits, begin weeding the list down to your five greatest professional assets.

Prioritize Your Greatest Strengths. Work on your priority of communication around those core selling points. Keep it short and simple. Aim for a dozen words or so for each item. If you're struggling to get started, imagine that you randomly met the CFO of a company where you've always wanted to work. What are the most important messages you'd want to get across? What impression would you want to leave? Be Clear and Consistent. Think about how your personal brief translates into the look, feel and content of all your brand elements. If you feel key info is getting lost, consider leading off with a professional summary section. Make sure your LinkedIn profile reinforces your resume. Extend your brand to other social media accounts you use for professional purposes.

Keep At It. The best brands continually fine-tune and evolve. Make it a practice to regularly reassess your personal brand (both your materials and approach). As you continue in your job search, you'll get a sense of what's resonating. Developing a personal brand gives you a framework to follow as you develop or refine any one element in your job-hunting toolbox.

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