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Vol. 17, Issue 18 - April 30 2018

After job loss, it's time to establish prioritiesAbridged: Lifehacker

HOLLAND, MI -- Life after a layoff, or other type of job loss, can be very difficult. But it's also a valuable time that can be used wisely to assess your job skills and what you want from your next job.

Think about what really matters to you in a job. Is it salary, good benefits, flexibility and location? Do you want an environment that allows creativity and problem solving, or one where you are given specific tasks? It's easy and sometimes necessary to take a job because you absolutely must. Sometimes it feels like the decisions are made for you. But try to determine what you're not willing to compromise on. Regardless of what feels necessary, taking a job you know you're not going to like is not a good idea.

Your own characteristics are a kind of skill. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. If it's too difficult to be objective you can try a couple of online assessment tests to see objective results. It may be time to consider your educational needs as well. Looking for that certificate or degree you've been putting off? Perhaps a change of career is in order? Check the nearest vocational school, community college or university to see what they have to offer.

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