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Vol. 17, Issue 18 - April 30 2018

Laid off workers increasingly choose self-employmentAbridged: Examiner

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- The last recession saw big companies lay off millions of employees. This challenging transition actually yielded a positive outcome, as many of those workers are now freelancing for several employers, or have built their own small businesses. Either path can provide greater employment security and gave a much-needed boost to the overall economy as new enterprises grew, drove commerce and created jobs.

Workers are increasingly choosing self-employment, with Baby Boomers leading the small-business startup trend. Specifically, AARP reports, Baby Boomers ages 55-64 have actually outpaced younger entrepreneurs in launching startup ventures. What does this mean for workers? Those actively plotting their next career direction may want to stop emailing their resumes blindly to corporate giants and instead research smaller companies for job opportunities.

What does this mean for businesses? Before you launch your entrepreneurial vision, assess demand for your product or service and the technology that will support it. Also, consider enrolling in college or a continuing education program to help you learn business theory and gain a better grasp of your chosen field. Continuous skill development through education is a habit that can pay dividends throughout your career, and might set your new business for long-term success as well.

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