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Vol. 17, Issue 18 - April 30 2018

How to do a small-town job searchAbridged: AZ Central

PHOENIX, AZ -- A lot of career advice targets job seekers larger cities. But those hoping to secure work in smaller communities will find that it often requires a special finesse. So how can a job seeker in a smaller town make an impression on an employer without being a pest? By adjusting your job-search strategy.

Some tips from experts: Be unique. In small communities, it's sometimes easier to apply face to face, which can help hiring managers attach an impression to the resume. If that's not an option, consider contacting the hiring manager for an informational interview. Grabbing their attention may get you ahead of the competition. Reach out to friends, relatives, teachers, former co-workers, acquaintances and even your doctor to ask if they are aware of any local job vacancies.

Find your focus: Tailor your resumes whenever possible to the specific position you are applying to and show proof of your applicable experience. When there are fewer job opportunities in your community, narrow your focus and stop applying for every opening at every company. Be honest about your education, work experience and other experiences, such as volunteering, and choose the career path in which you'll have the most success.

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