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Vol. 17, Issue 18 - April 30 2018

9 top careers for 2018Abridged: CBS Moneywatch

LOS ANGELES, CA - Americans continue to return to the workforce, pushing the unemployment rate to record lows in three states last month. Yet job quality remains an issue for many workers because millions are stuck in jobs with stagnating wages and career growth. So how does one find a job that offers the trifecta of good pay, high job satisfaction and plenty of openings? It's best to focus on a few types of industries and skills, according to a new study from employment site Glassdoor.

Half the jobs in Glassdoor's annual survey of the year's top jobs are in two industries: technology and health care. These fields typically require specialized training or advanced degrees, possibly putting them outside the reach of those without a college degree. The upside: "One thing we are noticing across the board is these jobs aren't in danger of being automated," said Glassdoor spokeswoman Sarah Stoddard. "The combination of technical and soft skills really plays well in the workplace." The nine top career choices for 2018 are:

1. Data scientist: $110,000
2. Devops engineer: $105,000
3. Marketing manager: $85,000
4. Occupational therapist: $74,000
5. HR manager: $85,000
6. Electrical engineer: $76,000
7. Strategy manager: $135,000
8. Mobile developer: $90,000
9. Product manager: $113,000

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