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Vol. 17, Issue 17 - Week of April 23, 2018

Lessons entrepreneurs can learn from 'Iron Chef' Abridged: Forbes

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Every time you open a business -- whether that's a restaurant or a tech startup -- you are taking a risk. While that can be nerve racking, it is motivating, too. Here are some lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Iron Chef: Keep your cool: Successful Iron Chefs and entrepreneurs keep their cool and focus on the task ahead.

Assemble the right team: Successful businesses, large or small, are rarely a one-man show. They are products of teamwork. The key is to hire people you can trust, are committed to excellence and want to win. Be in charge: Entrepreneurs who have built their own businesses have earned the responsibility to exhibit leadership. Successful teams need strong leaders. Find the right words: Strong leaders communicate effectively with team members, particularly in stressful and challenging circumstances. Finding the right words boosts productivity and morale.

Find your secret ingredient: Successful entrepreneurs must figure out their secret ingredient, what separates them from competitors. Hit the curveballs: Entrepreneurs are thrown curveballs all the time, whether these may be changing consumer habits, new competitors or something else. They either strike out or hit them out of the park. The most successful entrepreneurs are not afraid to swing. Don't get distracted by the chaos: Startup entrepreneurs often feel they are in a constant state of chaos. The key is to not get distracted and remember the long-term goal.

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