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Vol. 17, Issue 16 - Week of April 16, 2018

5 forgotten job hunting tipsAbridged: Snagajob

BOSTON, MA -- 1) Find out where you want to start your search. Take a second and think about: What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? Focus your energy on jobs that will fit your personality and skills. 2) Stand out before the interview. Employers love to see your personality. Try something out of the box like recording a video on your profile. If that's a little much for you, try following up in person to show how serious you are about the job.

3) Keep it classy. While you may feel like your email address 'alwayslazy@email.com' fits you, it's not the kind of first impression you want to make. We're all for being yourself, but don't forget to keep it professional. Check your voicemail, interview outfit and social media profiles to see if they're doing any damage to your job search. 4) Set goals. To stay on track, try setting a specific goal of applying to 3-5 jobs a day. Make sure you are customizing your resume and cover letter to the jobs you are applying to.

5) Stay positive. Having a positive attitude can pay off during your job search and in the interview. You'll put your best foot forward and employers have told us a positive attitude is the most important trait they look for when hiring. Don't worry so much about saying the right thing as just being yourself. Smile and be confident.

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