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Vol. 17, Issue 16 - Week of April 16, 2018

Things you should know about employee referralsAbridged: AOL Jobs

NEW YORK, NY -- There's one thing you can do that increases your chances of being hired: getting an employee referral. Referred candidates are more likely to get hired, perform better and last longer in jobs. This is why companies, large and small, are investing in referral programs. It makes good business sense for them and for you.

It doesn't matter what role your contact is in. What matters is that you let them know the types of roles you are interested in and that you stay on his or her radar, just in case something comes up. It is always best to reach out to people before a job is posted. When an employee refers someone, that candidate is hired about two-thirds of the time. Plain and simple: You should do your best to find people who work inside companies you're interested in. By nature, people want to help, and it doesn't take much effort for an employee to refer you for a job. Just ask.

Use your in-person network, LinkedIn, Twitter and even Facebook to identify the names of people you already know. The higher the person referring you is on the corporate ladder, the better your chances of getting hired. If you do know top level executives, reach out to them first. However, don't hesitate to reach out to anyone you know inside the company, because being referred by any level employee increases your chances.

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