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Vol. 17, Issue 16 - Week of April 16, 2018

Be More Efficient in Your Job SearchAbridged: USNews Money

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- First identify companies that you would like to work at. If you don't know any one inside those companies, ask people in your network to introduce you. Use job search engines. They are aggregators that give you access to potentially millions of jobs from thousands of sources across the Web. Using these sites will save you time and most likely provide more opportunities.

If you are currently employed, explore the idea of a promotion. Your next job could be right under your nose. Research jobs inside your company just as you would outside. Are job boards worth your time? Yes! Job boards aren't dead yet. According to a recent report from SilkRoad data, both the big job boards and niche job sites continue to be a valuable resource.

Should you befriend recruiters? Third-party recruiters and recruiting agencies are definitely still worth your time. Always be specific about the types of roles you are interested in and your salary requirements. Remember, recruiters don't work for you; they work for the company with a job to fill. Some jobs are only filled through recruiters, so it's just one more option for you to explore. Have you checked the company's career site? Not all companies will post opportunities to job boards, and aggregators don't typically pick up the postings from company sites. It's important to visit company career sites regularly to keep up with news and openings.

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