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Vol. 17, Issue 14 - Week of April 2, 2018

Great ways to rev up your job huntAbridged: Come Recommended

MIAMI, FL -- Create a job search plan and be organized, active, and knowledgeable. When changing your job search tactics, it's important to figure a few things out. That's where a job search plan comes into play. It's vital to include the following: What's worked and what hasn't; Your five-year plan; What you want to do and the projected future of that industry; How you're going to target your dream companies; A schedule of tactics, how you're going to implement them, how you'll measure success, etc.

Switch up your tactics. Sometimes, your old tactics just aren't cutting it - and the sooner this is accepted and altered, the faster you will land a job. Reflect on what has worked and what hasn't and act accordingly. Use social networking sites professionally. Connect and converse with your target companies. Announce your job search on Google+ and LinkedIn, participate in weekly Twitter chats, or even use job search apps on Facebook.

Stay involved by attending industry meetings. Connect with your dream companies at meet-ups, and ask old employers if they need any help with projects. You'll not only stay involved, you'll show a future employer that you took control of your job search. Take a break. Step away from the phone, the computer, or the job ads, and do something else to take your mind off the search. Whatever you choose, understand that sometimes you just need a little breather to make your search more productive.

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