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Vol. 17, Issue 14 - Week of April 2, 2018

5 Tips for making a career shiftMary Gay Townsend, Work It Daily

CHICAGO, IL -- Here are a few steps you should consider when making a career shift. 1.)Take an assessment test: Before you make a career change, understand what you want, both in the short and long-term. Don't limit yourself in regards to future job opportunities. A cluttered resume filled with non-committal roles does not impress employers.

2) Get off your high horse: Career pivots often require professionals to leave more senior, higher-paying roles in favor of jobs that, initially, come with a lower compensation package. In order to gain the skills and experience necessary to forge a new career, be willing to make strategic changes that may not be glamorous from the get-go. 3) Live in the real world: You aren't going to become CFO of a major financial organization immediately; you have to work your way up to that goal. Think about different types of firms and roles that are structured to give you as many opportunities as possible so you can get up to speed on new skills.

4) Practice what the experts preach: A complete career overhaul may mean getting up to speed on industry trends or understanding new processes. This requires work, diligence and becoming an expert at your role. It also requires going over what the experts are saying - and following through with their advice. 5) Practice goodwill: Use the resources and relationships you have, and create goodwill so people understand why you want to make a transition. Practicing goodwill means being proactive.

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