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Vol. 17, Issue 12 - March 19, 2018

Timing is key when applying to jobs onlineAbridged: CNN Money

NEW YORK, NY -- For job seekers, timing is key. Those who didn't apply to that position posted over the weekend weren't even in the running. Many employers and hiring managers will typically review resumes in chronological order - as they were received. This means those that apply first are at an advantage. Once the employer finds 3-4 strong candidates, they often will start the interview process with them.

Looking at a date that a position is posted is often a good reference point, because openings that are more than a few days old may already be filled. On job boards, positions may be listed for 30 or 60 days even though the hire is made on day five. It's incumbent on the hiring manager to have the post taken down, but a lot of times that just doesn't happen.

Alternatively, some employers post "evergreen" jobs, usually for a position with a high turnover rate, even if it's not necessarily available at that time. And some postings are not really available at all if there's an internal candidate already slated to fill the slot. Companies will often go through the motions of advertising the job and accepting resumes, to prove they are using fair hiring practices and considering external candidates.

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