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Vol. 17, Issue 12 - March 19, 2018

More job seekers 'faking it' to get byAbridged: Challenger Gray & Christmas

CHICAGO, IL -- More job seekers have adopted the old catchphrase "fake it until you make it" as a job-search mantra in this economy. Fudged credentials, fake references and inflated job titles are on the upswing as job seekers become more desperate to find work, according to a new report from employment services firm Chicago-based Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc.

According to the employee screening services company ADP, the number of resume discrepancies have gone up in recent years. While companies usually have no tolerance for people who lie on their resumes, the crippled job market means that for some, lying is extremely tempting. With over 14.8 million people out of a job as of January, the market for buying fake degrees has also ballooned.

The most popular things to lie about on a resume or in an interview include: education, including fake grade point averages and fake degrees; job titles; reasons for leaving a job; and accomplishments at a particular organization. Job seekers should remember that while some companies don't bother to check facts, many companies do, and correct information is easy to access these days via computer or the telephone.

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