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Vol. 17, Issue 12 - March 19, 2018

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- With so many people currently in the job market or looking for better career opportunities, how can you make sure your resume will be seen? With advancing technology, the internet is an extremely popular resource for posting and finding resumes. But with all the career sites available, wouldn't it be nice if your resume could be found on all of them?

Consider a site that can make that happen. You post your information to their site once, and they distribute it on up to 78 different top job boards and niche career sites! It's called Resume Rabbit and it's so easy to use. Just fill out one simple online form and in just 5 minutes you'll be well on your way to landing that job you've been searching for.

Distributing your resume online is easy with Resume Rabbit. You could spend hours and hours posting your resume individually to all the top career sites - or you can let a site like Resume Rabbit do it for you. Then, 1.5 million employers can instantly see your resume daily. To distribute your resume to top job boards and niche career sites, go to Resume Rabbit today.

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