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Vol. 17, Issue 12 - March 19, 2018

Key job search tips with the greatest tractionAbridged: Hearst Newspapers

ALBANY, NY -- Getting a job is a job. You need a daily routine to stick to. Read. Network. Volunteer. Distribute your resume on the major job boards as well as niche career sites that focus on your desired industry. Rehearse job interviews in the privacy of your own home. Never lie on your resume, but always remember a resume's purpose is to get you an interview.

On resumes and in interviews, point to specifics in your achievements. Use the internet to learn about your interviewer and the company you're interviewing with. Use social-networking vehicles like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter properly. They can help you enhance your network. And networking is how two-thirds of all jobs are found.

Respect your references. Make sure your praise singers know in advance that you're listing them. The early bird may get the worm, but late birds get the job. You never want to be a warm-up act. Like the Academy Awards, the strongest contenders are those appearing at year-end. Never negotiate your starting salary based on what you need. Base your argument on the marketplace and what you have to offer.

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