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Vol. 17, Issue 11 - March 12, 2018

Ways to land a job without a degree Abridged: St. Louis Today

ST. LOUIS, MO -- Do you worry that not having a degree is hurting your job chances? Here are tips to overcome such obstacles. Under the Education section of your resume, add classes and training courses that you have completed. Doing so will show you have pursued educational opportunities and are more educated than they might initially expect. Also, under Education, add "Proficiencies equivalent to a bachelor's degree". This will help you impress keyword search software searching for "bachelor's degree". It will also cause hiring companies to consider you more strongly.

Take courses towards your preferred degree and then explain that on your resume. Also state that you are attending the college in your LinkedIn profile and join the LinkedIn group related to the school. Emphasize on-the-job experiences that make you uniquely qualified for each job opening. Always include impressive samples on your resume to show your abilities when you apply for jobs.

Volunteer for nonprofits where you can use your skills. By doing so, you can impress people who can influence hiring decisions at their companies. Most importantly, network! Your next job will likely come about because someone you know knows how good you are and recommends you for a position. Make sure former coworkers and friends know: a) that you are job seeking; b) what kind of jobs you want; c) how to send you job leads by phone and email.

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