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Vol. 17, Issue 11 - March 12, 2018

Think creatively to turn a job interview into a 'yes'Abridged: Review Journal Online

LAS VEGAS, NV -- You've found a business with a culture and potential boss you like. However, you've been rejected for the job. How can you prepare yourself to land a job? Here's what a successful job seeker has to say. Gina De Miranda, compliance administrator at Austin HR LLC in Austin, Texas, says employers will operate from some presentiments based on your resume. "Generally, you can disprove those by demonstrating that you have capabilities that may not be apparent at first blush," she says.

This means listening to employers to find patterns in their reasons for not hiring you and, if necessary, incorporating those points in your resume. How can you gauge whether an employer is open to persuasion? If, after an interview, it appears that you won't be hired, determine whether the hirer is open to ideas. Follow up with new ideas, saying, 'I've noticed you do X. Have you ever thought about doing Y? I ran by your website and here are a few things.'

Job seekers can end up landing the position by taking the initiative and giving the company ideas about reorganizing some information. Offering to do something for free stuns most employers. It's also important to demonstrate that you can perform, solve a problem or teach the employer something that will tangibly improve their business. If you haven't yet interviewed, devise a creative demonstration that will make you stand out of the stack of applicants.

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