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Vol. 17, Issue 11 - March 12, 2018

Job search rules you should be breakingAbridged: USNEWS

BOSTON, MA -- If you've been following some dated (traditional) job search tips, it's time to think again. Here are a few rules you should break, and when--on some rare occasions--you should follow them anyway. Rule #1: Cast the Widest Net Possible. Years ago, it was standard to print up several copies of a one-size-fits-all resume. A generic resume points to a generic candidate--and that's not what companies are looking for. Instead, focus on fewer jobs--but make them count by tailoring each application to your target company.

Rule #2: Include an Objective Statement at the Top of Your Resume. Objective statements made a bit more sense in the past. They gave the company a better idea of what kind of role you were after. But now they come across as vague and generic. A successful resume today replaces the "this is what I want" objective statement with a "this is the value that I offer" branding statement.

Rule #3: Write Your Cover Letter in Formal Language. Most cover letters used to start with a standard opening phrase along the lines of "Enclosed please find my resume as an application for X position." While hiring managers' general opinions on cover letters vary widely, it's best to start with something conversational and polite--then, depending on how well you understand the company culture, you can get a little creative.

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