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Vol. 17, Issue 10 - Week of March 5, 2018

6 solid search tips to help you find a jobAbridged: The Bronco Bulletin

DENVER, CO -- One of the biggest hardships people are experiencing today is the job search. Since the recession hit our economy, job seekers around the country have lost jobs and continue to struggle to find a new position. The journey to get a job is long and can sometimes be very frustrating, but the end reward is worth it. Here are some tips to help you earn employment.

  • Create a strong resume: Include your education, notable achievements, certifications, volunteer experience and reliable references.
  • Apply everywhere: Don't let distance and qualifications take you out of the hunt; apply everywhere you can. Use job aggregator search engines to uncover more opportunities.
  • Get to know people: Network with people that can help you get a position. Those relations could give you a big advantage over the competition.
  • Be professional: Make your job applications and resumes look professional and nice. When you go into an interview, dress for success and speak clearly.
  • Start your own business: We live in a place where you have so many opportunities to start your own successful business. There are so many possibilities out there. Don't be afraid to work hard and make money for yourself.
  • Don't give up: The job hunt is hard but you need to stay strong and not give up.
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