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Vol. 17, Issue 6 - Week of February 5, 2018

Strategic steps to a successful job huntAbridged: USNews Money

WASHINGTON, DC -- When looking for a job, especially if you're unemployed, it's imperative that every step you take is strategic. The following can help get you started: Secure a local telephone number. Recruiters may be skeptical of applicants who are from outside areas. A local phone number will show that you are committed to the area in which you are applying for work. If you're unemployed, try Google Voice, which assigns free telephone numbers based on the area that you choose.

Use your online persona to your advantage. Make sure that your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles incorporate a balance between your professional identity and your great personality. Market yourself while you are job hunting, and showcase your web-savvy persona with excellent online identities. If you have time, make a website or blog with your professional portfolio.

If you're unemployed, find something productive to do. In an interview, recruiters are likely to ask you what you're doing during an employment gap. Make an effort to improve yourself. Consider learning a new skill by taking courses at a community college. Try learning a skill in your field, or consider a new skill altogether. Whatever you do, be prepared to answer the question, "so what have you been doing?" From a recruiter's perspective, "nothing" is the worst answer possible. Even though job hunting is like a full time job, your life needs additional levels of balance.

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