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Vol. 17, Issue 6 - Week of February 5, 2018

Tips to help you crush your next job interview Abridged: Forbes

SEATTLE, WA -- Your goal on a job interview is not to impress the interviews, but to figure out whether you want the job or not. If you don't know the answer to a question somebody asks you, that doesn't mean you won't get the job. The more advance preparation you do, the easier and less stressful your job interviews will be.

You won't know as you conduct your research - using the company's own website, Google and LinkedIn - whether you want the job or not. You won't know that until later in the process. You have to conduct your job interview preparation with the assumption that you want the job. If that turns out not to be true, it's okay - you're growing your employer research muscles, and any muscle-building exercise is never a waste of your time.

Your preparation will include these elements: Read the employer's website, paying special attention to their products and services, Management Bios and press releases. What do you imagine is the number one reason the hiring manager was able to get approval to hire a new person? What's the most expensive Business Pain plaguing the hiring manager now? Write down your questions for the hiring manager. Keep in mind that a screening interview with a recruiter or HR person, is very different from an interview with a hiring manager. The recruiter or HR person won't understand the job at nearly the same level of depth the manager will.

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