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Vol. 17, Issue 6 - Week of February 5, 2018

How To search for a new job while you're employedAbridged: The Balance

SEATTLE, WA -- Don't Job Hunt on Your Boss's Time: It is very likely you will have to do some job search related activities during business hours. However, this is when you will also be at work, and your boss will be paying you for your time. How should you handle this? Use any breaks you get during the day to make phone calls and respond to email.

Make Job Search Related Phone Calls Away From the Office: Make all calls related to your job search away from your employer's premises. Go to your car or take a walk to a nearby coffee shop that isn't frequented by your coworkers. Schedule Interviews Before, After Work, or at Lunchtime: See if the interview can happen after work. If the prospective employer can only interview you during business hours, take a personal day or if you can schedule several interviews in a week, use vacation time.

Be Careful About What You Wear: Your boss and coworkers will be suspicious if you show up for work wearing a suit when you normally dress casually. Find someplace to do a quick "Superman-style" change into interview attire. Use Former Employers as References: Since you don't want your current boss to know about your job search activities, use a reference from a previous employer instead of your current one.

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