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Vol. 17, Issue 6 - Week of February 5, 2018

Are you feeling the itch to change jobs? 3 Key tips...Abridged: FlexJobs

BOULDER, CO -- 1) Take Time to Reflect: What are your most important strengths? What are the most important skills you've developed? What other skills do you want to develop? Turn to some of your closest friends and mentors and ask for their feedback on your answers. Getting an outside perspective enables you to identify opportunities you might not have initially considered, as well as strengths and examples you can use during the interview process.

2) Work Your Network the Right Way: Reach out to former co-workers. Set up a drinks date to talk about what they do now, what projects they're working on, and what skills are needed to do their job. Use LinkedIn to find potential people to network with who share a commonality, and ask for their advice about breaking into their field. Ask for recommendations of other people to network with when you're meeting to expand the kinds of roles you might want to pursue.

3) Build Your Own Personal Support Team: To create your support team, consider the different areas in your search where you could use the most support. Once you establish these areas, you can pinpoint people in your life that would fit the role. The more support you surround yourself with, the less painful the job search process will be. Don't think you have to do this alone! Because if a career coach needs help, you probably do, too.

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