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Vol. 17, Issue 5 - Week of January 29, 2018

Job seekers: Make sure recruiters can find youAbridged: Payscale

NEW YORK, NY -- Every job seeker should be working to get the attention of recruiters in their industry. A good recruiter can be your fairy godmother of jobs. A bad recruiter might struggle to understand what you do and what types of opportunities you are actually seeking, but your patience can result in new opportunities.

The first step is to post a master resume on all the top career and industry related career sites. Ensure that your resume features exact keywords and terminology used in your industry for maximum searchability. Uploading a searchable resume to career sites - puts you in front of 1000's of employers and recruiters'- searching online for qualified candidates.

Putting some work into your LinkedIn profile is crucial to attracting recruiters in 2018. Eighty-seven percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to source or vet job candidates. Complete as many profile sections as possible, be extremely thorough and to the point. Always include your most relevant accomplishments and measurable results. Your headline should include your a strong job title so you are found easily in search results. Recruiters use complicated Boolean searches to surface candidates with specific combinations of skills, so sprinkle your headline, summary, and work experience with skills and keywords specific to your qualifications and industry. Don't give up on conventional job search methods. Upgrade your search strategy by also positioning yourself for success in the hidden job market. You never know where new opportunities could be revealed.

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