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Vol. 17, Issue 5 - Week of January 29, 2018

Solid reasons to quit your job in 2018Abridged: The Motley Fool

SEATTLE, WA -- You Know You Are Not Getting Paid Your Worth. While money shouldn't be the only factor dictating where you work or what job opportunities you pursue, it's a big one nonetheless. If you know that you're being underpaid at your company, or that there's no chance of getting a raise, then it makes sense to leave your current role and sink some time into finding better-paying opportunities elsewhere.

There's No Room for Upward Mobility at Your Company. If your company truly doesn't offer growth opportunity, then the last thing you want to do is resign yourself to a dead-end job. The longer you stay in the same exact role, the more frustrated you're likely to grow. It pays off to pick up and leave - well before reaching that point.

You Want to Work for Yourself. Entrepreneurs and Freelancers now make up more than 35% of the total workforce. There are many benefits to going this route. For one thing, you'll get to call the shots and be your own boss. You'll get the opportunity to take on assignments that are interesting and meaningful, to you. If you're tired of working for somebody else, and think you have what it takes to thrive as a self-employed freelancer or business owner, then that's reason enough to start mapping out a plan and strategy to get you closer to your career goals.

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