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Vol. 17, Issue 5 - Week of January 29, 2018

Entrepreneurs: Before taking the leap, consider this... Abridged: The Business Journals

CHARLOTTE, NC -- 1) Starting your own business requires more time and work than you think. For whatever reason, it's often harder than you imagined. In addition, the work is never really complete. There's always more ways you can grow your business. 2) You must be persistent. It's okay to fail. Experiencing failure allows you to make adjustments and improve. Being determined and knowing how to fail forward -- or move forward in a positive way -- helps to make these failures opportunities to learn.

3) Tune out the negativity. Develop a support system that encourages you to push yourself and encourages your ideas and your journey. You need people in your corner to silence the negativity. 4) Focus on the big picture, while still focusing on the details. For many companies, the details matter the most in becoming successful. Addressing the small details can make a huge impact and will allow you to focus on the bigger picture.

5) Learn how to delegate. Creating a team that can assist you in moving tasks forward and getting projects completed is important. This allows you to focus on the bigger picture items. 6) Lead by example. While your team is working on the here and now, you should be actively working several months ahead of the company. This helps you anticipate what's next, and forge ahead making advance preparations to pave the way for the company to be successful.

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