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Vol. 17, Issue 5 - Week of January 29, 2018

5 important job search lessons to learnJudy King, The Muse

CHICAGO, IL -- 1) Update Your Online Presence: Being a somewhat tech-savvy person, I had a LinkedIn profile. But too many people have ones that are lackluster or outdated. If that's you, place this at the top of your to-do list. Both recruiters and hiring managers use the site to find and screen candidates.

2) Always Network: Periodically touch base with your professional contacts. Be memorable by sending a personal note and an interesting article. Extend your network by asking your contacts to connect you with theirs. Follow-up with a thank you note. 3) Make it Easy for People to Help You: If you're asking someone to refer you, give them everything they need, so they can simply send along your details. So, if you're applying to a role at their company, this includes the job name, job number, your resume, and bullets outlining what skills and experience you'd bring that match the requirements for the role.

4) Refine Your Elevator Pitch: Be clear about your objectives. What are your areas of expertise? What type of role are you looking for? Zero in on one thing you want the other person to come away with. 5) Practice Self-Care: Unreturned emails, closed doors, and rejection all sting. But, it happens to pretty much everyone. So, be kind to yourself: go the gym, meet friends, and see a movie! That stuff may seem frivolous, but it'll help you feel happier.

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