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Vol. 17, Issue 4 - Week of January 22, 2018

Things to bring to every job interviewAbridged: Forbes

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- Extra Resumes: Bring a handful of printed resumes with you to the interview. Notepad, pen, padfolio: Tuck your extra resumes into a padfolio that includes a place to hold papers, a notepad and a place to hold a pen. Bring your favorite pen with you for good luck.

Well-informed questions: You will develop smart and useful questions to ask the interviewer(s) by researching the company you're going to interview with. Read their website and the LinkedIn profiles of their leaders. Do your homework and research the company to learn about what's happening in their industry. Write your questions down beforehand, so you can easily refer to them during the interview.

A Pain Hypothesis: A Pain Hypothesis is an educated guess about the principal reason the company is willing to spend money right now to hire someone. Identify what the companies pain point is. What is the real pain? What would go wrong -- and cost the company money -- if the right person doesn't get hired into this job fairly soon? Your Stories: Prepare your stories before the interview. First, pick appropriate stories that highlight your experiences, and tell yourself the whole story in your mind, to the end. There's nothing worse than beginning a story at a job interview and realizing with horror that the story ends in an embarrassing or less-than-seemly fashion.

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